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package regressiontests

import "github.com/alecthomas/gometalinter/regressiontests"


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func ExpectIssues Uses

func ExpectIssues(t *testing.T, linter string, source string, expected Issues, extraFlags ...string)

ExpectIssues runs gometalinter and expects it to generate exactly the issues provided.

type Issue Uses

type Issue struct {
    Linter   string `json:"linter"`
    Severity string `json:"severity"`
    Path     string `json:"path"`
    Line     int    `json:"line"`
    Col      int    `json:"col"`
    Message  string `json:"message"`

func (*Issue) String Uses

func (i *Issue) String() string

type Issues Uses

type Issues []Issue

func RunLinter Uses

func RunLinter(t *testing.T, linter string, path string, extraFlags ...string) Issues

RunLinter runs the gometalinter as a binary against the files at path and returns the issues it encountered

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