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package browsercode

import ""


Package Files


func NewKey Uses

func NewKey() string

type BrowserCode Uses

type BrowserCode struct {
    Key  string // authentication key, HEX encoded.
    Host string // the client is bound to this, localhost is assumed if not specified.
    Port string // the client is bound to this,

BrowserCode .

func Decode Uses

func Decode(encoded string) (BrowserCode, error)

func New Uses

func New(hostport string) (BrowserCode, error)

func (*BrowserCode) Addr Uses

func (b *BrowserCode) Addr() string

func (*BrowserCode) CopyToClipboard Uses

func (b *BrowserCode) CopyToClipboard() error

func (*BrowserCode) Encode Uses

func (b *BrowserCode) Encode() (string, error)

func (*BrowserCode) SetHostport Uses

func (b *BrowserCode) SetHostport(hostport string) error

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