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package debugexport

import ""

Package debugexport contains functions for exporting client state to investigate user problems.


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var PublicKey string

PublicKey is set during build time for automatically encrypted debug logs

type DebugHeader Uses

type DebugHeader struct {
    Version   string    `json:"version"`
    CreatedAt time.Time `json:"created_at"`
    ID        string    `json:"id"`
    OS        string    `json:"os"`
    Arch      string    `json:"arch"`
    Cmd       string    `json:"cmd"`
    GoVersion string    `json:"go_ver"`

DebugHeader contains very general build and runtime information

type DebugResponse Uses

type DebugResponse struct {
    Header       DebugHeader `json:"header,omitempty"`
    Config       interface{} `json:"config,omitempty"`
    Log          []string    `json:"log,omitempty"`
    Heap         []string    `json:"heap,omitempty"`
    GoRoutines   []string    `json:"goroutines,omitempty"`
    Block        []string    `json:"block,omitempty"`
    ThreadCreate []string    `json:"thread_create,omitempty"`
    Encrypted    string      `json:"encrypted,omitempty"`

DebugResponse can be sent to Alkasir for debugging purposes

func NewDebugResposne Uses

func NewDebugResposne(version string, config interface{}) *DebugResponse

NewDebugResponse creates a filled DebugResponse struct

func (*DebugResponse) Decrypt Uses

func (d *DebugResponse) Decrypt(pubKey, secKey string) error

Decrypt decrypts the response using the provided hex encoded public and secure keys.

func (*DebugResponse) Encrypt Uses

func (d *DebugResponse) Encrypt(pubKey string) error

Encrypt encrypts the response using the provided hex encoded public key

func (*DebugResponse) WriteToDisk Uses

func (d *DebugResponse) WriteToDisk() error

WriteToDisk writes the contets of the DebugResponse as individual files in a directory structure.

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