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package upgradebin

import ""


Package Files

ed25519Verifier.go upgradebin.go

func Apply Uses

func Apply(updateData io.Reader, opts update.Options) error

func DecodePrivateKey Uses

func DecodePrivateKey(priv []byte) (*[64]byte, error)

func DecodePublicKey Uses

func DecodePublicKey(pub []byte) (*[32]byte, error)

func DecodeSignature Uses

func DecodeSignature(sig string) (*[64]byte, error)

func EncodeKeys Uses

func EncodeKeys(privKey *[64]byte, pubKey *[32]byte) ([]byte, []byte)

func GenerateKeys Uses

func GenerateKeys(random io.Reader) (*[64]byte, *[32]byte)

func NewED25519Verifier Uses

func NewED25519Verifier(targetVersion string) update.Verifier

NewED25519Verifierr returns a Verifier that uses the ED25519 algorithm to verify updates.

func NewUpdaterOptions Uses

func NewUpdaterOptions(meta shared.BinaryUpgradeResponse, publicKey string) (update.Options, error)

type KeyPair Uses

type KeyPair struct {
    Public  *[32]byte
    Private *[64]byte

KeyPair .

func DecodeKeys Uses

func DecodeKeys(priv, pub []byte) (*KeyPair, error)



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