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package cascadia

import ""

Package cascadia is an implementation of CSS selectors.


Package Files

parser.go selector.go

type Selector Uses

type Selector func(*html.Node) bool

A Selector is a function which tells whether a node matches or not.

func Compile Uses

func Compile(sel string) (Selector, error)

Compile parses a selector and returns, if successful, a Selector object that can be used to match against html.Node objects.

func MustCompile Uses

func MustCompile(sel string) Selector

MustCompile is like Compile, but panics instead of returning an error.

func (Selector) Filter Uses

func (s Selector) Filter(nodes []*html.Node) (result []*html.Node)

Filter returns the nodes in nodes that match the selector.

func (Selector) Match Uses

func (s Selector) Match(n *html.Node) bool

Match returns true if the node matches the selector.

func (Selector) MatchAll Uses

func (s Selector) MatchAll(n *html.Node) []*html.Node

MatchAll returns a slice of the nodes that match the selector, from n and its children.

func (Selector) MatchFirst Uses

func (s Selector) MatchFirst(n *html.Node) *html.Node

MatchFirst returns the first node that matches s, from n and its children.



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