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Command stringsplit

An example of using a Splittable DoFn in the Go SDK with a portable runner.

The following instructions describe how to execute this example in the Flink local runner.

1. From a command line, navigate to the top-level beam/ directory and run the Flink job server:

./gradlew :runners:flink:1.10:job-server:runShadow -Djob-host=localhost -Dflink-master=local

2. The job server is ready to receive jobs once it outputs a log like the following: `JobService started on localhost:8099`. Take note of the endpoint in that log message.

3. While the job server is running in one command line window, create a second one in the same directory and run this example with the following command, using the endpoint you noted from step 2:

go run sdks/go/examples/stringsplit/stringsplit.go --runner=universal --endpoint=localhost:8099

4. Once the pipeline is complete, the job server can be closed with ctrl+C. To check the output of the pipeline, search the job server logs for the phrase "StringSplit Output".

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