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package stringx

import ""

Package stringx contains utilities for working with strings. It complements the standard "strings" package.


Package Files

bytes.go map.go

func AnyValue Uses

func AnyValue(m map[string]string) string

AnyValue returns a value of a map[string]string. Panics if the map is empty.

func FromBytes Uses

func FromBytes(b []byte) string

FromBytes converts a byte slice to a string.

func Keys Uses

func Keys(m map[string]string) []string

Keys returns the domain of a map[string]string.

func SingleValue Uses

func SingleValue(m map[string]string) string

SingleValue returns the single value of a map[string]string. Panics if the map does not contain exactly one value.

func ToBytes Uses

func ToBytes(s string) []byte

ToBytes converts a string to a byte slice.

func Values Uses

func Values(m map[string]string) []string

Values returns the values of a map[string]string.

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