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package bigqueryio

import ""

Package bigqueryio provides transformations and utilities to interact with Google BigQuery. See also:


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func Query Uses

func Query(s beam.Scope, project, q string, t reflect.Type) beam.PCollection

Query executes a query. The output must have a schema compatible with the given type, t. It returns a PCollection<t>.

func Read Uses

func Read(s beam.Scope, project, table string, t reflect.Type) beam.PCollection

Read reads all rows from the given table. The table must have a schema compatible with the given type, t, and Read returns a PCollection<t>. If the table has more rows than t, then Read is implicitly a projection.

func Write Uses

func Write(s beam.Scope, project, table string, col beam.PCollection)

Write writes the elements of the given PCollection<T> to bigquery. T is required to be the schema type.

type QualifiedTableName Uses

type QualifiedTableName struct {
    // Project is the Google Cloud project ID.
    Project string `json:"project"`
    // Dataset is the dataset ID within the project.
    Dataset string `json:"dataset"`
    // Table is the table ID within the dataset.
    Table string `json:"table"`

QualifiedTableName is a fully qualified name of a bigquery table.

func NewQualifiedTableName Uses

func NewQualifiedTableName(s string) (QualifiedTableName, error)

NewQualifiedTableName parses "<project>:<dataset>.<table>" into a QualifiedTableName.

func (QualifiedTableName) String Uses

func (qn QualifiedTableName) String() string

String formats the qualified name as "<project>:<dataset>.<table>".

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