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package pubsubio

import ""

Package pubsubio provides access to PubSub on Dataflow streaming. Experimental.


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func Read Uses

func Read(s beam.Scope, project, topic string, opts *ReadOptions) beam.PCollection

Read reads an unbounded number of PubSubMessages from the given pubsub topic. It produces an unbounded PCollecton<*PubSubMessage>, if WithAttributes is set, or an unbounded PCollection<[]byte>.

func Write Uses

func Write(s beam.Scope, project, topic string, col beam.PCollection)

Write writes PubSubMessages or bytes to the given pubsub topic.

type ReadOptions Uses

type ReadOptions struct {
    Subscription       string
    IDAttribute        string
    TimestampAttribute string
    WithAttributes     bool

ReadOptions represents options for reading from PubSub.


v1Package v1 is a generated protocol buffer package.

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