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package dataflowlib

import ""

Package dataflowlib translates a Beam pipeline model to the Dataflow API job model, for submission to Google Cloud Dataflow.


Package Files

execute.go fixup.go job.go messages.go metrics.go stage.go translate.go

func Execute Uses

func Execute(ctx context.Context, raw *pipepb.Pipeline, opts *JobOptions, workerURL, jarURL, modelURL, endpoint string, async bool) (*dataflowPipelineResult, error)

Execute submits a pipeline as a Dataflow job.

func Fixup Uses

func Fixup(p *pipepb.Pipeline) (*pipepb.Pipeline, error)

Fixup proto pipeline with Dataflow quirks.

func FromMetricUpdates Uses

func FromMetricUpdates(allMetrics []*df.MetricUpdate, job *df.Job) *metrics.Results

FromMetricUpdates extracts metrics from a slice of MetricUpdate objects and groups them into counters, distributions and gauges.

Dataflow currently only reports Counter and Distribution metrics to Cloud Monitoring. Gauge metrics are not supported. The output metrics.Results will not contain any gauges.

func GetMetrics Uses

func GetMetrics(ctx context.Context, client *df.Service, project, region, jobID string) (*df.JobMetrics, error)

GetMetrics returns a collection of metrics describing the progress of a job by making a call to Cloud Monitoring service.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(ctx context.Context, endpoint string) (*df.Service, error)

NewClient creates a new dataflow client with default application credentials and CloudPlatformScope. The Dataflow endpoint is optionally overridden.

func PrintJob Uses

func PrintJob(ctx context.Context, job *df.Job)

PrintJob logs the Dataflow job.

func StageFile Uses

func StageFile(ctx context.Context, project, url, filename string) error

StageFile uploads a file to GCS.

func StageModel Uses

func StageModel(ctx context.Context, project, modelURL string, model []byte) error

StageModel uploads the pipeline model to GCS as a unique object.

func Submit Uses

func Submit(ctx context.Context, client *df.Service, project, region string, job *df.Job) (*df.Job, error)

Submit submits a prepared job to Cloud Dataflow.

func Translate Uses

func Translate(ctx context.Context, p *pipepb.Pipeline, opts *JobOptions, workerURL, jarURL, modelURL string) (*df.Job, error)

Translate translates a pipeline to a Dataflow job.

func WaitForCompletion Uses

func WaitForCompletion(ctx context.Context, client *df.Service, project, region, jobID string) error

WaitForCompletion monitors the given job until completion. It logs any messages and state changes received.

type JobOptions Uses

type JobOptions struct {
    // Name is the job name.
    Name string
    // Experiments are additional experiments.
    Experiments []string
    // Pipeline options
    Options runtime.RawOptions

    Project             string
    Region              string
    Zone                string
    Network             string
    Subnetwork          string
    NoUsePublicIPs      bool
    NumWorkers          int64
    DiskSizeGb          int64
    MachineType         string
    Labels              map[string]string
    ServiceAccountEmail string
    WorkerRegion        string
    WorkerZone          string

    // Autoscaling settings
    Algorithm     string
    MaxNumWorkers int64

    TempLocation string

    // Worker is the worker binary override.
    Worker string
    // WorkerJar is a custom worker jar.
    WorkerJar string

    TeardownPolicy string

JobOptions capture the various options for submitting jobs to Dataflow.

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