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package extworker

import ""

Package extworker provides an external worker service and related utilities.


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type Loopback Uses

type Loopback struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Loopback implements fnpb.BeamFnExternalWorkerPoolServer

func StartLoopback Uses

func StartLoopback(ctx context.Context, port int) (*Loopback, error)

StartLoopback initializes a Loopback ExternalWorkerService, at the given port.

func (*Loopback) EnvironmentConfig Uses

func (s *Loopback) EnvironmentConfig(context.Context) string

EnvironmentConfig returns the environment config for this service instance.

func (*Loopback) StartWorker Uses

func (s *Loopback) StartWorker(ctx context.Context, req *fnpb.StartWorkerRequest) (*fnpb.StartWorkerResponse, error)

StartWorker initializes a new worker harness, implementing BeamFnExternalWorkerPoolServer.StartWorker.

func (*Loopback) Stop Uses

func (s *Loopback) Stop(ctx context.Context) error

Stop terminates the service and stops all workers.

func (*Loopback) StopWorker Uses

func (s *Loopback) StopWorker(ctx context.Context, req *fnpb.StopWorkerRequest) (*fnpb.StopWorkerResponse, error)

StopWorker terminates a worker harness, implementing BeamFnExternalWorkerPoolServer.StopWorker.

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