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cmd/apex/autocompletePackage autocomplete generates bash auto-completion words.
cmd/apex/buildPackage build outputs a function's zip to stdout.
cmd/apex/deletePackage delete resmove functions from Lambda.
cmd/apex/deployPackage deploy builds & deploys function zips.
cmd/apex/docsPackage docs outputs Wiki documentation.
cmd/apex/infraPackage infra proxies Terraform commands.
cmd/apex/initPackage init bootstraps an Apex project.
cmd/apex/invokePackage invoke calls a Lambda function.
cmd/apex/listPackage list outputs a list of Lambda function information.
cmd/apex/logsPackage logs outputs logs from CloudWatch logs.
cmd/apex/metricsPackage metrics outputs metrics for a function.
cmd/apex/rollbackPackage rollback implements function version rollback.
cmd/apex/upgradePackage upgrade installs the latest stable binary of Apex.
cmd/apex/versionPackage version oututs the version.
colorsPackage colors is pretty cool.
costPackage cost provides utilities for calculating AWS Lambda pricing.
docsPackage docs outputs colored markdown for a given topic.
dryrunPackage dryrun implements the Lambda API in order to no-op changes, and display dry-run output.
execPackage exec proxies all commands.
functionPackage function implements function-level operations.
infraPackage infra proxies Terraform commands.
internal/colorsPackage colors provides colors used by the CLI.
internal/progressreaderPackage progressreader provides an io.Reader progress bar.
internal/utilPackage util haters gonna hate.
logsPackage logs implements AWS CloudWatchLogs tailing.
metricsPackage metrics fetches CloudWatch metrics for a function.
mockPackage mock_lambdaiface is a generated GoMock package.
mock/servicePackage mock_provideriface is a generated GoMock package.
plugins/golangPackage golang implements the "golang" runtime.
plugins/hooksPackage hooks implements hook script support.
plugins/inferencePackage inference adds file-based inference to detect runtimes when they are not explicitly specified.
plugins/javaPackage java implements the "java" runtime.
plugins/nodejsPackage nodejs implements the "nodejs" runtime.
plugins/pythonPackage python implements the "python" runtime.
plugins/rubyPackage ruby implements the "ruby" runtime.
plugins/rust_gnuPackage rust_gnu implements the "rust" runtime with gnu libc dependencies.
plugins/rust_muslPackage rust_musl implements the "rust" runtime with musl dependencies.
plugins/shimPackage shim adds a nodejs shim when the shim field is true, this is also used transparently in other plugins such as "golang" which are not directly supported by Lambda.
projectPackage project implements multi-function operations.
servicePackage service implements the Lambda service provider.
shimPackage shim provides a shim for running arbitrary languages on Lambda.
upgradePackage upgrade fetches the latest Apex binary, if any, for the current platform.

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