log: github.com/apex/log/handlers


apexlogsPackage apexlogs implements a handler for Apex Logs https://apex.sh/logs/.
cliPackage cli implements a colored text handler suitable for command-line interfaces.
deltaPackage delta provides a log handler which times the delta between each log call, useful for debug output for command-line programs.
discardPackage discard implements a no-op handler useful for benchmarks and tests.
esPackage es implements an Elasticsearch batch handler.
graylogPackage implements a Graylog-backed handler.
jsonPackage json implements a JSON handler.
levelPackage level implements a level filter handler.
logfmtPackage logfmt implements a "logfmt" format handler.
memoryPackage memory implements an in-memory handler useful for testing, as the entries can be accessed after writes.
multiPackage multi implements a handler which invokes a number of handlers.
papertrailPackage papertrail implements a papertrail logfmt format handler.
textPackage text implements a development-friendly textual handler.

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