spec: github.com/appc/spec


acePackage ace contains a tool intended to be run within an _Application Container Executor_ to validate that the ACE has set up the container environment correctly.
aciPackage aci contains various functions for working with App Container Images.
actoolPackage main contains a tool for building and validating images and manifests that meet the App Container specifications.
discoveryPackage discovery contains an experimental implementation of the Image Discovery section of the appc specification.
pkg/tarheaderPackage tarheader contains a simple abstraction to accurately create tar.Headers on different operating systems.
schemaPackage schema provides definitions for the JSON schema of the different manifests in the App Container Specification.
schema/lastditchPackage lastditch provides fallback redefinitions of parts of schemas provided by schema package.
schema/typesPackage types contains structs representing the various types in the app container specification.

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