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package memory

import "github.com/appleboy/gorush/storage/memory"


Package Files


type AndroidStatus Uses

type AndroidStatus struct {
    PushSuccess int64 `json:"push_success"`
    PushError   int64 `json:"push_error"`

AndroidStatus is android structure

type IosStatus Uses

type IosStatus struct {
    PushSuccess int64 `json:"push_success"`
    PushError   int64 `json:"push_error"`

IosStatus is iOS structure

type Storage Uses

type Storage struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Storage is interface structure

func New Uses

func New() *Storage

New func implements the storage interface for gorush (https://github.com/appleboy/gorush)

func (*Storage) AddAndroidError Uses

func (s *Storage) AddAndroidError(count int64)

AddAndroidError record counts of error Android push notification.

func (*Storage) AddAndroidSuccess Uses

func (s *Storage) AddAndroidSuccess(count int64)

AddAndroidSuccess record counts of success Android push notification.

func (*Storage) AddIosError Uses

func (s *Storage) AddIosError(count int64)

AddIosError record counts of error iOS push notification.

func (*Storage) AddIosSuccess Uses

func (s *Storage) AddIosSuccess(count int64)

AddIosSuccess record counts of success iOS push notification.

func (*Storage) AddTotalCount Uses

func (s *Storage) AddTotalCount(count int64)

AddTotalCount record push notification count.

func (*Storage) Close Uses

func (s *Storage) Close() error

Close the storage connection

func (*Storage) GetAndroidError Uses

func (s *Storage) GetAndroidError() int64

GetAndroidError show error counts of Android notification.

func (*Storage) GetAndroidSuccess Uses

func (s *Storage) GetAndroidSuccess() int64

GetAndroidSuccess show success counts of Android notification.

func (*Storage) GetIosError Uses

func (s *Storage) GetIosError() int64

GetIosError show error counts of iOS notification.

func (*Storage) GetIosSuccess Uses

func (s *Storage) GetIosSuccess() int64

GetIosSuccess show success counts of iOS notification.

func (*Storage) GetTotalCount Uses

func (s *Storage) GetTotalCount() int64

GetTotalCount show counts of all notification.

func (*Storage) Init Uses

func (s *Storage) Init() error

Init client storage.

func (*Storage) Reset Uses

func (s *Storage) Reset()

Reset Client storage.

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