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package flags

import "github.com/appscode/go/flags"


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func DumpAll Uses

func DumpAll(fs *pflag.FlagSet, list ...string)

func EnsureAlterableFlags Uses

func EnsureAlterableFlags(cmd *cobra.Command, name ...string)

Checks for alternetable flags. One of the provided flags must needs to be set.

func EnsureRequiredFlags Uses

func EnsureRequiredFlags(cmd *cobra.Command, name ...string)

Checks if a flag value in a command has been provided by the user Or not. The ordering of the flags can be set for nested flags.

func InitFlags Uses

func InitFlags()

Init all the pflags and all underlying go flags All go flags of the underlying library converted to pflag and can set from terminal as flags.

func SetLogLevel Uses

func SetLogLevel(l int)

Sets log level in runtime.

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