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package deployments

import "github.com/asobti/kube-monkey/victims/factory/deployments"


Package Files

deployments.go eligible_deployments.go

func EligibleDeployments Uses

func EligibleDeployments(clientset kube.Interface, namespace string, filter *metav1.ListOptions) (eligVictims []victims.Victim, err error)

EligibleDeployments gets all eligible deployments that opted in (filtered by config.EnabledLabel)

type Deployment Uses

type Deployment struct {

func New Uses

func New(dep *appsv1.Deployment) (*Deployment, error)

New creates a new instance of Deployment

func (*Deployment) IsEnrolled Uses

func (d *Deployment) IsEnrolled(clientset kube.Interface) (bool, error)

IsEnrolled checks if the deployment is currently enrolled in kube-monkey

func (*Deployment) KillType Uses

func (d *Deployment) KillType(clientset kube.Interface) (string, error)

KillType returns current killtype config label for update

func (*Deployment) KillValue Uses

func (d *Deployment) KillValue(clientset kube.Interface) (int, error)

KillValue returns current killvalue config label for update

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