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package swagger

import ""

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type Contact Uses

type Contact swagger.Contact

Contact information for the exposed API.

type ExternalDocs Uses

type ExternalDocs swagger.ExternalDocs

ExternalDocs include Additional external documentation

type Information Uses

type Information swagger.Information

Information Provides metadata about the API. The metadata can be used by the clients if needed.

type Item Uses

type Item swagger.Item

Item Describes the operations available on a single path.

type License Uses

type License swagger.License

License information for the exposed API.

type Operation Uses

type Operation swagger.Operation

Operation Describes a single API operation on a path.

type Parameter Uses

type Parameter swagger.Parameter

Parameter Describes a single operation parameter.

type ParameterItems Uses

type ParameterItems swagger.ParameterItems

ParameterItems A limited subset of JSON-Schema's items object. It is used by parameter definitions that are not located in "body".

type Propertie Uses

type Propertie swagger.Propertie

Propertie are taken from the JSON Schema definition but their definitions were adjusted to the Swagger Specification

type Response Uses

type Response swagger.Response

Response as they are returned from executing this operation.

type Schema Uses

type Schema swagger.Schema

Schema Object allows the definition of input and output data types.

type Security Uses

type Security swagger.Security

Security Allows the definition of a security scheme that can be used by the operations

type Swagger Uses

type Swagger swagger.Swagger

Swagger list the resource

type Tag Uses

type Tag swagger.Tag

Tag Allows adding meta data to a single tag that is used by the Operation Object

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