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package env

import ""

Package env is used to parse environment.


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func Get Uses

func Get(key string, defVal string) string

Get returns a value for a given key. If the key does not exist, the default value will be returned.

func GetAll Uses

func GetAll() map[string]string

GetAll returns all keys/values in the current child process environment.

func MustGet Uses

func MustGet(key string) (string, error)

MustGet returns a value by key. If the key does not exist, it will return an error.

func MustSet Uses

func MustSet(key string, value string) error

MustSet sets a value in the ENV copy and the child process environment. It returns an error in case the set operation failed.

func Set Uses

func Set(key string, value string)

Set sets a value in the ENV copy. This does not affect the child process environment.

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