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package client

import ""


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cli.go commands.go hijack.go utils.go


var (
    ErrConnectionRefused = errors.New("Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is 'docker -d' running on this host?")

type DockerCli Uses

type DockerCli struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDockerCli Uses

func NewDockerCli(in io.ReadCloser, out, err io.Writer, key libtrust.PrivateKey, proto, addr string, tlsConfig *tls.Config) *DockerCli

func (*DockerCli) CheckTtyInput Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CheckTtyInput(attachStdin, ttyMode bool) error

func (*DockerCli) Cmd Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) Cmd(args ...string) error

Cmd executes the specified command

func (*DockerCli) CmdAttach Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdAttach(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdBuild Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdBuild(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdCommit Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdCommit(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdCp Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdCp(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdCreate Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdCreate(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdDiff Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdDiff(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdEvents Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdEvents(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdExec Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdExec(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdExport Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdExport(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdHelp Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdHelp(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdHistory Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdHistory(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdImages Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdImages(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdImport Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdImport(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdInfo Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdInfo(args ...string) error

'docker info': display system-wide information.

func (*DockerCli) CmdInspect Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdInspect(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdKill Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdKill(args ...string) error

'docker kill NAME' kills a running container

func (*DockerCli) CmdLoad Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdLoad(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdLogin Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdLogin(args ...string) error

'docker login': login / register a user to registry service.

func (*DockerCli) CmdLogout Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdLogout(args ...string) error

log out from a Docker registry

func (*DockerCli) CmdLogs Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdLogs(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdPause Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdPause(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdPort Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdPort(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdPs Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdPs(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdPull Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdPull(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdPush Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdPush(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdRename Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdRename(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdRestart Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdRestart(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdRm Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdRm(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdRmi Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdRmi(args ...string) error

'docker rmi IMAGE' removes all images with the name IMAGE

func (*DockerCli) CmdRun Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdRun(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdSave Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdSave(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdSearch Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdSearch(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdStart Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdStart(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdStop Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdStop(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdTag Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdTag(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdTop Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdTop(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdUnpause Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdUnpause(args ...string) error

func (*DockerCli) CmdVersion Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdVersion(args ...string) error

'docker version': show version information

func (*DockerCli) CmdWait Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) CmdWait(args ...string) error

'docker wait': block until a container stops

func (*DockerCli) HTTPClient Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) HTTPClient() *http.Client

func (*DockerCli) LoadConfigFile Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) LoadConfigFile() (err error)

func (*DockerCli) Subcmd Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) Subcmd(name, signature, description string, exitOnError bool) *flag.FlagSet

func (*DockerCli) WalkTree Uses

func (cli *DockerCli) WalkTree(noTrunc bool, images *engine.Table, byParent map[string]*engine.Table, prefix string, printNode func(cli *DockerCli, noTrunc bool, image *engine.Env, prefix string))

FIXME: --viz and --tree are deprecated. Remove them in a future version.

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