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package test

import ""


Package Files

assert.go jsonblobs.go jsoncompare.go jsonsyntax.go readjson.go

func AssertJsonBytes Uses

func AssertJsonBytes(t *testing.T, inputJSON []byte, o interface{})

func AssertJsonFile Uses

func AssertJsonFile(t *testing.T, file string, o interface{})

func AssertJsonsEqual Uses

func AssertJsonsEqual(t *testing.T, expectedJson []byte, actualJson []byte)

AssertJsonsEqual asserts two JSON files are semantically equal (ignores white-space and attribute order)

func GetMalformedJson Uses

func GetMalformedJson() []byte

func ReadJSONFromFile Uses

func ReadJSONFromFile(t *testing.T, inputFile string) []byte

ReadJSONFromFile reads a given input file to JSON

func TestMalformedJson Uses

func TestMalformedJson(t *testing.T, objectToDeserialize interface{})

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