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package arn

import ""

Package arn provides a parser for interacting with Amazon Resource Names.


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func IsARN Uses

func IsARN(arn string) bool

IsARN returns whether the given string is an ARN by looking for whether the string starts with "arn:" and contains the correct number of sections delimited by colons(:).

type ARN Uses

type ARN struct {
    // The partition that the resource is in. For standard AWS regions, the partition is "aws". If you have resources in
    // other partitions, the partition is "aws-partitionname". For example, the partition for resources in the China
    // (Beijing) region is "aws-cn".
    Partition string

    // The service namespace that identifies the AWS product (for example, Amazon S3, IAM, or Amazon RDS). For a list of
    // namespaces, see
    Service string

    // The region the resource resides in. Note that the ARNs for some resources do not require a region, so this
    // component might be omitted.
    Region string

    // The ID of the AWS account that owns the resource, without the hyphens. For example, 123456789012. Note that the
    // ARNs for some resources don't require an account number, so this component might be omitted.
    AccountID string

    // The content of this part of the ARN varies by service. It often includes an indicator of the type of resource —
    // for example, an IAM user or Amazon RDS database - followed by a slash (/) or a colon (:), followed by the
    // resource name itself. Some services allows paths for resource names, as described in
    Resource string

ARN captures the individual fields of an Amazon Resource Name. See for more information.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(arn string) (ARN, error)

Parse parses an ARN into its constituent parts.

Some example ARNs: arn:aws:elasticbeanstalk:us-east-1:123456789012:environment/My App/MyEnvironment arn:aws:iam::123456789012:user/David arn:aws:rds:eu-west-1:123456789012:db:mysql-db arn:aws:s3:::my_corporate_bucket/exampleobject.png

func (ARN) String Uses

func (arn ARN) String() string

String returns the canonical representation of the ARN

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