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package ec2metadata

import ""

Package ec2metadata provides the client for making API calls to the EC2 Metadata service.

This package's client can be disabled completely by setting the environment variable "AWS_EC2_METADATA_DISABLED=true". This environment variable set to true instructs the SDK to disable the EC2 Metadata client. The client cannot be used while the environment variable is set to true, (case insensitive).


Package Files

api.go service.go token_provider.go


const (
    // ServiceName is the name of the service.
    ServiceName = "ec2metadata"

type EC2IAMInfo Uses

type EC2IAMInfo struct {
    Code               string
    LastUpdated        time.Time
    InstanceProfileArn string
    InstanceProfileID  string

An EC2IAMInfo provides the shape for unmarshaling an IAM info from the metadata API

type EC2InstanceIdentityDocument Uses

type EC2InstanceIdentityDocument struct {
    DevpayProductCodes      []string  `json:"devpayProductCodes"`
    MarketplaceProductCodes []string  `json:"marketplaceProductCodes"`
    AvailabilityZone        string    `json:"availabilityZone"`
    PrivateIP               string    `json:"privateIp"`
    Version                 string    `json:"version"`
    Region                  string    `json:"region"`
    InstanceID              string    `json:"instanceId"`
    BillingProducts         []string  `json:"billingProducts"`
    InstanceType            string    `json:"instanceType"`
    AccountID               string    `json:"accountId"`
    PendingTime             time.Time `json:"pendingTime"`
    ImageID                 string    `json:"imageId"`
    KernelID                string    `json:"kernelId"`
    RamdiskID               string    `json:"ramdiskId"`
    Architecture            string    `json:"architecture"`

An EC2InstanceIdentityDocument provides the shape for unmarshaling an instance identity document

type EC2Metadata Uses

type EC2Metadata struct {

A EC2Metadata is an EC2 Metadata service Client.

func New Uses

func New(p client.ConfigProvider, cfgs ...*aws.Config) *EC2Metadata

New creates a new instance of the EC2Metadata client with a session. This client is safe to use across multiple goroutines.


// Create a EC2Metadata client from just a session.
svc := ec2metadata.New(mySession)

// Create a EC2Metadata client with additional configuration
svc := ec2metadata.New(mySession, aws.NewConfig().WithLogLevel(aws.LogDebugHTTPBody))

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(cfg aws.Config, handlers request.Handlers, endpoint, signingRegion string, opts ...func(*client.Client)) *EC2Metadata

NewClient returns a new EC2Metadata client. Should be used to create a client when not using a session. Generally using just New with a session is preferred.

If an unmodified HTTP client is provided from the stdlib default, or no client the EC2RoleProvider's EC2Metadata HTTP client's timeout will be shortened. To disable this set Config.EC2MetadataDisableTimeoutOverride to false. Enabled by default.

func (*EC2Metadata) Available Uses

func (c *EC2Metadata) Available() bool

Available returns if the application has access to the EC2 Metadata service. Can be used to determine if application is running within an EC2 Instance and the metadata service is available.

func (*EC2Metadata) GetDynamicData Uses

func (c *EC2Metadata) GetDynamicData(p string) (string, error)

GetDynamicData uses the path provided to request information from the EC2 instance metadata service for dynamic data. The content will be returned as a string, or error if the request failed.

func (*EC2Metadata) GetInstanceIdentityDocument Uses

func (c *EC2Metadata) GetInstanceIdentityDocument() (EC2InstanceIdentityDocument, error)

GetInstanceIdentityDocument retrieves an identity document describing an instance. Error is returned if the request fails or is unable to parse the response.

func (*EC2Metadata) GetMetadata Uses

func (c *EC2Metadata) GetMetadata(p string) (string, error)

GetMetadata uses the path provided to request information from the EC2 instance metadata service. The content will be returned as a string, or error if the request failed.

func (*EC2Metadata) GetUserData Uses

func (c *EC2Metadata) GetUserData() (string, error)

GetUserData returns the userdata that was configured for the service. If there is no user-data setup for the EC2 instance a "NotFoundError" error code will be returned.

func (*EC2Metadata) IAMInfo Uses

func (c *EC2Metadata) IAMInfo() (EC2IAMInfo, error)

IAMInfo retrieves IAM info from the metadata API

func (*EC2Metadata) Region Uses

func (c *EC2Metadata) Region() (string, error)

Region returns the region the instance is running in.

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