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package s3err

import ""


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func RequestFailureWrapperHandler Uses

func RequestFailureWrapperHandler() request.NamedHandler

RequestFailureWrapperHandler returns a handler to rap an awserr.RequestFailure with the S3 request ID 2 from the response.

type RequestFailure Uses

type RequestFailure struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RequestFailure provides additional S3 specific metadata for the request failure.

func NewRequestFailure Uses

func NewRequestFailure(err awserr.RequestFailure, hostID string) *RequestFailure

NewRequestFailure returns a request failure error decordated with S3 specific metadata.

func (RequestFailure) Error Uses

func (r RequestFailure) Error() string

func (RequestFailure) HostID Uses

func (r RequestFailure) HostID() string

HostID returns the HostID request response value.

func (RequestFailure) String Uses

func (r RequestFailure) String() string

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