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package jsonutil

import ""

Package jsonutil provides JSON serialization of AWS requests and responses.


Package Files

build.go unmarshal.go

func BuildJSON Uses

func BuildJSON(v interface{}) ([]byte, error)

BuildJSON builds a JSON string for a given object v.

func UnmarshalJSON Uses

func UnmarshalJSON(v interface{}, stream io.Reader) error

UnmarshalJSON reads a stream and unmarshals the results in object v.

func UnmarshalJSONCaseInsensitive Uses

func UnmarshalJSONCaseInsensitive(v interface{}, stream io.Reader) error

UnmarshalJSONCaseInsensitive reads a stream and unmarshals the result into the object v. Ignores casing for structure members.

func UnmarshalJSONError Uses

func UnmarshalJSONError(v interface{}, stream io.Reader) error

UnmarshalJSONError unmarshal's the reader's JSON document into the passed in type. The value to unmarshal the json document into must be a pointer to the type.

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