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package s3manageriface

import ""

Package s3manageriface provides an interface for the s3manager package


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type BatchDelete Uses

type BatchDelete interface {
    Delete(aws.Context, s3manager.BatchDeleteIterator) error

BatchDelete is the interface type for batch deleting objects from S3 using the S3 manager. (separated for user to compose).

type DownloadWithIterator Uses

type DownloadWithIterator interface {
    DownloadWithIterator(aws.Context, s3manager.BatchDownloadIterator, ...func(*s3manager.Downloader)) error

DownloadWithIterator is the interface type for the contained method of the same name.

type DownloaderAPI Uses

type DownloaderAPI interface {
    Download(io.WriterAt, *s3.GetObjectInput, ...func(*s3manager.Downloader)) (int64, error)
    DownloadWithContext(aws.Context, io.WriterAt, *s3.GetObjectInput, ...func(*s3manager.Downloader)) (int64, error)

DownloaderAPI is the interface type for s3manager.Downloader.

type UploadWithIterator Uses

type UploadWithIterator interface {
    UploadWithIterator(aws.Context, s3manager.BatchUploadIterator, ...func(*s3manager.Uploader)) error

UploadWithIterator is the interface for uploading objects to S3 using the S3 upload manager.

type UploaderAPI Uses

type UploaderAPI interface {
    Upload(*s3manager.UploadInput, ...func(*s3manager.Uploader)) (*s3manager.UploadOutput, error)
    UploadWithContext(aws.Context, *s3manager.UploadInput, ...func(*s3manager.Uploader)) (*s3manager.UploadOutput, error)

UploaderAPI is the interface type for s3manager.Uploader.

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