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package miner

import "github.com/axiomzen/go-ethereum/miner"

Package miner implements Ethereum block creation and mining.


Package Files

miner.go unconfirmed.go worker.go

type Backend Uses

type Backend interface {
    BlockChain() *core.BlockChain
    TxPool() *core.TxPool

Backend wraps all methods required for mining.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Etherbase common.Address `toml:",omitempty"` // Public address for block mining rewards (default = first account)
    Notify    []string       `toml:",omitempty"` // HTTP URL list to be notified of new work packages(only useful in ethash).
    ExtraData hexutil.Bytes  `toml:",omitempty"` // Block extra data set by the miner
    GasFloor  uint64         // Target gas floor for mined blocks.
    GasCeil   uint64         // Target gas ceiling for mined blocks.
    GasPrice  *big.Int       // Minimum gas price for mining a transaction
    Recommit  time.Duration  // The time interval for miner to re-create mining work.
    Noverify  bool           // Disable remote mining solution verification(only useful in ethash).

Config is the configuration parameters of mining.

type Miner Uses

type Miner struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Miner creates blocks and searches for proof-of-work values.

func New Uses

func New(eth Backend, config *Config, chainConfig *params.ChainConfig, mux *event.TypeMux, engine consensus.Engine, isLocalBlock func(block *types.Block) bool) *Miner

func (*Miner) Close Uses

func (self *Miner) Close()

func (*Miner) HashRate Uses

func (self *Miner) HashRate() uint64

func (*Miner) Mining Uses

func (self *Miner) Mining() bool

func (*Miner) Pending Uses

func (self *Miner) Pending() (*types.Block, *state.StateDB)

Pending returns the currently pending block and associated state.

func (*Miner) PendingBlock Uses

func (self *Miner) PendingBlock() *types.Block

PendingBlock returns the currently pending block.

Note, to access both the pending block and the pending state simultaneously, please use Pending(), as the pending state can change between multiple method calls

func (*Miner) SetEtherbase Uses

func (self *Miner) SetEtherbase(addr common.Address)

func (*Miner) SetExtra Uses

func (self *Miner) SetExtra(extra []byte) error

func (*Miner) SetRecommitInterval Uses

func (self *Miner) SetRecommitInterval(interval time.Duration)

SetRecommitInterval sets the interval for sealing work resubmitting.

func (*Miner) Start Uses

func (self *Miner) Start(coinbase common.Address)

func (*Miner) Stop Uses

func (self *Miner) Stop()

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