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package vault

import ""


Package Files


func Add Uses

func Add(mgr manager.Manager) error

Add creates a new Vault Controller and adds it to the Manager. The Manager will set fields on the Controller and Start it when the Manager is Started.

type ReconcileVault Uses

type ReconcileVault struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ReconcileVault reconciles a Vault object

func (*ReconcileVault) Reconcile Uses

func (r *ReconcileVault) Reconcile(request reconcile.Request) (reconcile.Result, error)

Reconcile reads that state of the cluster for a Vault object and makes changes based on the state read and what is in the Vault.Spec Note: The Controller will requeue the Request to be processed again if the returned error is non-nil or Result.Requeue is true, otherwise upon completion it will remove the work from the queue.

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