kubernetes: github.com/bboreham/kubernetes/pkg/client


cachePackage cache is a client-side caching mechanism.
chaosclientPackage chaosclient makes it easy to simulate network latency, misbehaving servers, and random errors from servers.
leaderelectionPackage leaderelection implements leader election of a set of endpoints.
metricsPackage metrics provides utilities for registering client metrics to Prometheus.
recordPackage record has all client logic for recording and reporting events.
unversionedPackage unversioned contains the implementation of the client side communication with the Kubernetes master.
unversioned/authPackage auth defines a file format for holding authentication information needed by clients of Kubernetes.
unversioned/clientcmdPackage clientcmd provides one stop shopping for building a working client from a fixed config, from a .kubeconfig file, from command line flags, or from any merged combination.
unversioned/fakeThis is made a separate package and should only be imported by tests, because it imports testapi
unversioned/portforwardPackage portforward adds support for SSH-like port forwarding from the client's local host to remote containers.
unversioned/remotecommandPackage remotecommand adds support for executing commands in containers, with support for separate stdin, stdout, and stderr streams, as well as TTY.

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