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package app

import "github.com/better0332/kubernetes/cmd/kubelet/app"

Package app makes it easy to create a kubelet server for various contexts.


Package Files

auth.go bootstrap.go plugins.go server.go server_linux.go

func CreateAPIServerClientConfig Uses

func CreateAPIServerClientConfig(s *options.KubeletServer) (*restclient.Config, error)

CreateAPIServerClientConfig generates a client.Config from command line flags, including api-server-list, via createClientConfig and then injects chaos into the configuration via addChaosToClientConfig. This func is exported to support integration with third party kubelet extensions (e.g. kubernetes-mesos).

func CreateAndInitKubelet Uses

func CreateAndInitKubelet(kubeCfg *componentconfig.KubeletConfiguration, kubeDeps *kubelet.KubeletDeps, standaloneMode bool) (k kubelet.KubeletBootstrap, err error)

func InitializeTLS Uses

func InitializeTLS(kc *componentconfig.KubeletConfiguration) (*server.TLSOptions, error)

InitializeTLS checks for a configured TLSCertFile and TLSPrivateKeyFile: if unspecified a new self-signed certificate and key file are generated. Returns a configured server.TLSOptions object.

func NewKubeletCommand Uses

func NewKubeletCommand() *cobra.Command

NewKubeletCommand creates a *cobra.Command object with default parameters

func ProbeNetworkPlugins Uses

func ProbeNetworkPlugins(pluginDir, cniConfDir, cniBinDir string) []network.NetworkPlugin

ProbeNetworkPlugins collects all compiled-in plugins

func ProbeVolumePlugins Uses

func ProbeVolumePlugins(pluginDir string) []volume.VolumePlugin

ProbeVolumePlugins collects all volume plugins into an easy to use list. PluginDir specifies the directory to search for additional third party volume plugins.

func Run Uses

func Run(s *options.KubeletServer, kubeDeps *kubelet.KubeletDeps) error

Run runs the specified KubeletServer with the given KubeletDeps. This should never exit. The kubeDeps argument may be nil - if so, it is initialized from the settings on KubeletServer. Otherwise, the caller is assumed to have set up the KubeletDeps object and a default one will not be generated.

func RunKubelet Uses

func RunKubelet(kubeCfg *componentconfig.KubeletConfiguration, kubeDeps *kubelet.KubeletDeps, runOnce bool, standaloneMode bool) error

RunKubelet is responsible for setting up and running a kubelet. It is used in three different applications:

1 Integration tests
2 Kubelet binary
3 Standalone 'kubernetes' binary

Eventually, #2 will be replaced with instances of #3

func UnsecuredKubeletDeps Uses

func UnsecuredKubeletDeps(s *options.KubeletServer) (*kubelet.KubeletDeps, error)

UnsecuredKubeletDeps returns a KubeletDeps suitable for being run, or an error if the server setup is not valid. It will not start any background processes, and does not include authentication/authorization


optionsPackage options contains all of the primary arguments for a kubelet.

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