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package tcp_proxy

import ""


Package Files

tcp_proxy.go tcp_proxy_script.go

type TcpProxy Uses

type TcpProxy struct {
    Redirection *firewall.Redirection
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTcpProxy Uses

func NewTcpProxy(s *session.Session) *TcpProxy

func (*TcpProxy) Author Uses

func (mod *TcpProxy) Author() string

func (*TcpProxy) Configure Uses

func (mod *TcpProxy) Configure() error

func (*TcpProxy) Description Uses

func (mod *TcpProxy) Description() string

func (*TcpProxy) Name Uses

func (mod *TcpProxy) Name() string

func (*TcpProxy) Start Uses

func (mod *TcpProxy) Start() error

func (*TcpProxy) Stop Uses

func (mod *TcpProxy) Stop() error

type TcpProxyScript Uses

type TcpProxyScript struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func LoadTcpProxyScript Uses

func LoadTcpProxyScript(path string, sess *session.Session) (err error, s *TcpProxyScript)

func (*TcpProxyScript) OnData Uses

func (s *TcpProxyScript) OnData(from, to net.Addr, data []byte, callback func(call otto.FunctionCall) otto.Value) []byte

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