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package session

import ""

Package session contains code to manage the interactive session, modules, environment, etc.


Package Files

command_handler.go doc.go environment.go events.go module.go module_handler.go module_param.go prompt.go session.go session_core_handlers.go session_parse.go session_setup.go


const (
    STRING ParamType = iota
    BOOL             = iota
    INT              = iota
    FLOAT            = iota
const (
    PromptVariable = "$"
    DefaultPrompt  = "{by}{fw}{cidr} {fb}> {env.iface.ipv4} {reset} {bold}» {reset}"
const (
    HistoryFile = "~/bettercap.history"
const IPv4Validator = `^(?:[0-9]{1,3}\.){3}[0-9]{1,3}$`
const ParamIfaceAddress = "<interface address>"
const ParamIfaceName = "<interface name>"
const ParamRandomMAC = "<random mac>"
const ParamSubnet = "<entire subnet>"


var (
    I   = (*Session)(nil)

    ErrAlreadyStarted = errors.New("module is already running")
    ErrAlreadyStopped = errors.New("module is not running")
    ErrNotSupported   = errors.New("this component is not supported on this OS")
var (
    PromptCallbacks = map[string]func(s *Session) string{
        "{cidr}": func(s *Session) string {
            return s.Interface.CIDR()
        "{net.sent}": func(s *Session) string {
            return fmt.Sprintf("%d", s.Queue.Stats.Sent)
        "{net.sent.human}": func(s *Session) string {
            return humanize.Bytes(s.Queue.Stats.Sent)
        "{net.received}": func(s *Session) string {
            return fmt.Sprintf("%d", s.Queue.Stats.Received)
        "{net.received.human}": func(s *Session) string {
            return humanize.Bytes(s.Queue.Stats.Received)
        "{net.packets}": func(s *Session) string {
            return fmt.Sprintf("%d", s.Queue.Stats.PktReceived)
        "{net.errors}": func(s *Session) string {
            return fmt.Sprintf("%d", s.Queue.Stats.Errors)

func ParseCommands Uses

func ParseCommands(line string) []string

type CommandHandler Uses

type CommandHandler struct {
    Name        string
    Description string
    Completer   *readline.PrefixCompleter
    Parser      *regexp.Regexp
    Exec        func(args []string, s *Session) error

func NewCommandHandler Uses

func NewCommandHandler(name string, expr string, desc string, exec func(args []string, s *Session) error) CommandHandler

func (*CommandHandler) Parse Uses

func (h *CommandHandler) Parse(line string) (bool, []string)

type Environment Uses

type Environment struct {
    Data map[string]string `json:"data"`
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewEnvironment Uses

func NewEnvironment(envFile string) (*Environment, error)

func (*Environment) Get Uses

func (env *Environment) Get(name string) (bool, string)

func (*Environment) GetInt Uses

func (env *Environment) GetInt(name string) (error, int)

func (*Environment) Has Uses

func (env *Environment) Has(name string) bool

func (*Environment) Load Uses

func (env *Environment) Load(fileName string) error

func (*Environment) Save Uses

func (env *Environment) Save(fileName string) error

func (*Environment) Set Uses

func (env *Environment) Set(name, value string) string

func (*Environment) Sorted Uses

func (env *Environment) Sorted() []string

func (*Environment) WithCallback Uses

func (env *Environment) WithCallback(name, value string, cb EnvironmentChangedCallback) string

type EnvironmentChangedCallback Uses

type EnvironmentChangedCallback func(newValue string)

type Event Uses

type Event struct {
    Tag  string      `json:"tag"`
    Time time.Time   `json:"time"`
    Data interface{} `json:"data"`

func NewEvent Uses

func NewEvent(tag string, data interface{}) Event

func (Event) Label Uses

func (e Event) Label() string

type EventPool Uses

type EventPool struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewEventPool Uses

func NewEventPool(debug bool, silent bool) *EventPool

func (*EventPool) Add Uses

func (p *EventPool) Add(tag string, data interface{})

func (*EventPool) Clear Uses

func (p *EventPool) Clear()

func (*EventPool) Listen Uses

func (p *EventPool) Listen() <-chan Event

func (*EventPool) Log Uses

func (p *EventPool) Log(level log.Verbosity, format string, args ...interface{})

func (*EventPool) SetDebug Uses

func (p *EventPool) SetDebug(d bool)

func (*EventPool) SetSilent Uses

func (p *EventPool) SetSilent(s bool)

func (*EventPool) Sorted Uses

func (p *EventPool) Sorted() []Event

func (*EventPool) Unlisten Uses

func (p *EventPool) Unlisten(listener <-chan Event)

type JSONModule Uses

type JSONModule struct {
    Name        string                  `json:"name"`
    Description string                  `json:"description"`
    Author      string                  `json:"author"`
    Parameters  map[string]*ModuleParam `json:"parameters"`
    Handlers    []ModuleHandler         `json:"handlers"`
    Running     bool                    `json:"running"`

type JSONModuleHandler Uses

type JSONModuleHandler struct {
    Name        string `json:"name"`
    Description string `json:"description"`
    Parser      string `json:"parser"`

type JSONModuleParam Uses

type JSONModuleParam struct {
    Name        string    `json:"name"`
    Type        ParamType `json:"type"`
    Description string    `json:"description"`
    Value       string    `json:"default_value"`
    Validator   string    `json:"validator"`

type LogMessage Uses

type LogMessage struct {
    Level   log.Verbosity
    Message string

type Module Uses

type Module interface {
    Name() string
    Description() string
    Author() string
    Handlers() []ModuleHandler
    Parameters() map[string]*ModuleParam

    Running() bool
    Start() error
    Stop() error

type ModuleHandler Uses

type ModuleHandler struct {
    Name        string
    Description string
    Parser      *regexp.Regexp
    Exec        func(args []string) error

func NewModuleHandler Uses

func NewModuleHandler(name string, expr string, desc string, exec func(args []string) error) ModuleHandler

func (*ModuleHandler) Help Uses

func (h *ModuleHandler) Help(padding int) string

func (ModuleHandler) MarshalJSON Uses

func (h ModuleHandler) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (*ModuleHandler) Parse Uses

func (h *ModuleHandler) Parse(line string) (bool, []string)

type ModuleList Uses

type ModuleList []Module

func (ModuleList) MarshalJSON Uses

func (mm ModuleList) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

type ModuleParam Uses

type ModuleParam struct {
    Name        string
    Type        ParamType
    Value       string
    Description string

    Validator *regexp.Regexp

func NewBoolParameter Uses

func NewBoolParameter(name string, def_value string, desc string) *ModuleParam

func NewDecimalParameter Uses

func NewDecimalParameter(name string, def_value string, desc string) *ModuleParam

func NewIntParameter Uses

func NewIntParameter(name string, def_value string, desc string) *ModuleParam

func NewModuleParameter Uses

func NewModuleParameter(name string, def_value string, t ParamType, validator string, desc string) *ModuleParam

func NewStringParameter Uses

func NewStringParameter(name string, def_value string, validator string, desc string) *ModuleParam

func (ModuleParam) Dump Uses

func (p ModuleParam) Dump(padding int) string

func (ModuleParam) Get Uses

func (p ModuleParam) Get(s *Session) (error, interface{})

func (ModuleParam) Help Uses

func (p ModuleParam) Help(padding int) string

func (ModuleParam) MarshalJSON Uses

func (p ModuleParam) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (ModuleParam) Register Uses

func (p ModuleParam) Register(s *Session)

func (ModuleParam) Validate Uses

func (p ModuleParam) Validate(value string) (error, interface{})

type ParamType Uses

type ParamType int

type Prompt Uses

type Prompt struct {

func NewPrompt Uses

func NewPrompt() Prompt

func (Prompt) Render Uses

func (p Prompt) Render(s *Session) string

type Session Uses

type Session struct {
    Options   core.Options      `json:"options"`
    Interface *network.Endpoint `json:"interface"`
    Gateway   *network.Endpoint `json:"gateway"`
    Env       *Environment      `json:"env"`
    Lan       *network.LAN      `json:"lan"`
    WiFi      *network.WiFi     `json:"wifi"`
    BLE       *network.BLE      `json:"ble"`
    Queue     *packets.Queue    `json:"packets"`
    StartedAt time.Time         `json:"started_at"`
    Active    bool              `json:"active"`
    GPS       nmea.GNGGA        `json:"gps"`
    Modules   ModuleList        `json:"modules"`

    Input          *readline.Instance       `json:"-"`
    Prompt         Prompt                   `json:"-"`
    CoreHandlers   []CommandHandler         `json:"-"`
    Events         *EventPool               `json:"-"`
    UnkCmdCallback UnknownCommandCallback   `json:"-"`
    Firewall       firewall.FirewallManager `json:"-"`

func New Uses

func New() (*Session, error)

func (*Session) Close Uses

func (s *Session) Close()

func (*Session) IsOn Uses

func (s *Session) IsOn(moduleName string) bool

func (*Session) Lock Uses

func (s *Session) Lock()

func (*Session) Module Uses

func (s *Session) Module(name string) (err error, mod Module)

func (*Session) ReadLine Uses

func (s *Session) ReadLine() (string, error)

func (*Session) Refresh Uses

func (s *Session) Refresh()

func (*Session) Register Uses

func (s *Session) Register(mod Module) error

func (*Session) Run Uses

func (s *Session) Run(line string) error

func (*Session) RunCaplet Uses

func (s *Session) RunCaplet(filename string) error

func (*Session) Skip Uses

func (s *Session) Skip(ip net.IP) bool

func (*Session) Start Uses

func (s *Session) Start() error

func (*Session) Unlock Uses

func (s *Session) Unlock()

type SessionModule Uses

type SessionModule struct {
    Name       string        `json:"name"`
    Session    *Session      `json:"-"`
    Started    bool          `json:"started"`
    StatusLock *sync.RWMutex `json:"-"`
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSessionModule Uses

func NewSessionModule(name string, s *Session) SessionModule

func (*SessionModule) AddHandler Uses

func (m *SessionModule) AddHandler(h ModuleHandler)

func (*SessionModule) AddParam Uses

func (m *SessionModule) AddParam(p *ModuleParam) *ModuleParam

func (SessionModule) BoolParam Uses

func (m SessionModule) BoolParam(name string) (error, bool)

func (SessionModule) DecParam Uses

func (m SessionModule) DecParam(name string) (error, float64)

func (*SessionModule) Handlers Uses

func (m *SessionModule) Handlers() []ModuleHandler

func (SessionModule) IPParam Uses

func (m SessionModule) IPParam(name string) (error, net.IP)

func (SessionModule) IntParam Uses

func (m SessionModule) IntParam(name string) (error, int)

func (SessionModule) ListParam Uses

func (m SessionModule) ListParam(name string) (err error, values []string)

func (*SessionModule) Param Uses

func (m *SessionModule) Param(name string) *ModuleParam

func (*SessionModule) Parameters Uses

func (m *SessionModule) Parameters() map[string]*ModuleParam

func (*SessionModule) Running Uses

func (m *SessionModule) Running() bool

func (*SessionModule) SetRunning Uses

func (m *SessionModule) SetRunning(running bool, cb func()) error

func (SessionModule) StringParam Uses

func (m SessionModule) StringParam(name string) (error, string)

type UnknownCommandCallback Uses

type UnknownCommandCallback func(cmd string) bool

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