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package gioctl

import ""


Package Files

ioctl.go ioctl_other.go

func Io Uses

func Io(t, nr uintptr) uintptr

Io used for a simple ioctl that sends nothing but the type and number, and receives back nothing but an (integer) retval.

func IoR Uses

func IoR(t, nr, size uintptr) uintptr

IoR used for an ioctl that reads data from the device driver. The driver will be allowed to return sizeof(data_type) bytes to the user.

func IoRW Uses

func IoRW(t, nr, size uintptr) uintptr

IoRW a combination of IoR and IoW. That is, data is both written to the driver and then read back from the driver by the client.

func IoW Uses

func IoW(t, nr, size uintptr) uintptr

IoW used for an ioctl that writes data to the device driver.

func Ioctl Uses

func Ioctl(fd, op, arg uintptr) error

Ioctl simplified ioct call

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