artisanPackage main is the entry for the whole program
artisan/appPackage app is used to manage app, such as create, delete and list them
artisan/ftpPackage ftp is the entry for tfp service
artisan/httpPackage http is used to provide http service entry and other tools
artisan/migratePackage migrate is used to upgrade, rollback or refresh database
artisan/rpcPackage rpc provide the rpc service entry and other tools
configPackage config is responsible parsing the configuration file, and then, it is used by other parts of application.
databasesPackage databases provides capacity to interact with database
databases/migratePackage migrate mainly provides capacity to migrateBak and rollback database change automatically.
databases/migrate/migrationsPackage migrations hold the migration file for operate database
databases/modelsPackage models map program entity to database table
ftpPackage ftp implement ftp protocol for file transfer
httpPackage http implements http protocol, provide service that cab be called by api.
internal/sha256Package sha256 provides functions to export the middle state of internal sha256.digest and set the state.
internal/sha512Package sha512 provides functions to export the middle state of internal sha512.digest and set the state.
logPackage log is used to collect information of running application and then transport them to destination.
rpcPackage rpc is used to implement rpc protocol
servicePackage service define many components for implementing system.

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