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package barcode

import ""


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barcode.go scaledbarcode.go


const (
    TypeAztec           = "Aztec"
    TypeCodabar         = "Codabar"
    TypeCode128         = "Code 128"
    TypeCode39          = "Code 39"
    TypeCode93          = "Code 93"
    TypeDataMatrix      = "DataMatrix"
    TypeEAN8            = "EAN 8"
    TypeEAN13           = "EAN 13"
    TypePDF             = "PDF417"
    TypeQR              = "QR Code"
    Type2of5            = "2 of 5"
    Type2of5Interleaved = "2 of 5 (interleaved)"

type Barcode Uses

type Barcode interface {
    // returns some meta information about the barcode
    Metadata() Metadata
    // the data that was encoded in this barcode
    Content() string

a rendered and encoded barcode

func Scale Uses

func Scale(bc Barcode, width, height int) (Barcode, error)

Scale returns a resized barcode with the given width and height.

type BarcodeIntCS Uses

type BarcodeIntCS interface {
    CheckSum() int

Additional interface that some barcodes might implement to provide the value of its checksum.

type Metadata Uses

type Metadata struct {
    // the name of the barcode kind
    CodeKind string
    // contains 1 for 1D barcodes or 2 for 2D barcodes
    Dimensions byte

Contains some meta information about a barcode


aztecPackage aztec can create Aztec Code barcodes
codabarPackage codabar can create Codabar barcodes
code128Package code128 can create Code128 barcodes
code39Package code39 can create Code39 barcodes
code93Package code93 can create Code93 barcodes
datamatrixPackage datamatrix can create Datamatrix barcodes
eanPackage ean can create EAN 8 and EAN 13 barcodes.
pdf417Package pdf417 can create PDF-417 barcodes
qrPackage qr can be used to create QR barcodes.
twooffivePackage twooffive can create interleaved and standard "2 of 5" barcodes.
utilsPackage utils contain some utilities which are needed to create barcodes

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