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package gps

import "github.com/brocaar/lorawan/gps"

Package gps provides functions to handle Time <> GPS Epoch time conversion.


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type Time Uses

type Time time.Time

Time represents a GPS time wrapper.

func NewTimeFromTimeSinceGPSEpoch Uses

func NewTimeFromTimeSinceGPSEpoch(sinceEpoch time.Duration) Time

NewTimeFromTimeSinceGPSEpoch returns a new Time given a time since GPS epoch and will apply the leap second correction.

func (Time) String Uses

func (t Time) String() string

String implements the Stringer interface.

func (Time) TimeSinceGPSEpoch Uses

func (t Time) TimeSinceGPSEpoch() time.Duration

TimeSinceGPSEpoch returns the time duration since GPS epoch, corrected with the leap seconds.

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