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package device

import "github.com/bugsnag/bugsnag-go/device"


Package Files

hostname.go runtimeversions.go

func AddVersion Uses

func AddVersion(framework, version string)

AddVersion permits a framework to register its version, assuming it's one of the officially supported frameworks.

func GetHostname Uses

func GetHostname() string

GetHostname returns the hostname of the current device. Caches the hostname between calls to ensure this is performant. Returns a blank string in case that the hostname cannot be identified.

type RuntimeVersions Uses

type RuntimeVersions struct {
    Go  string `json:"go"`

    Gin     string `json:"gin,omitempty"`
    Martini string `json:"martini,omitempty"`
    Negroni string `json:"negroni,omitempty"`
    Revel   string `json:"revel,omitempty"`

RuntimeVersions define the various versions of Go and any framework that may be in use. As a user of the notifier you're unlikely to need to modify this struct. As such, the authors reserve the right to introduce breaking changes to the properties in this struct. In particular the framework versions are liable to change in new versions of the notifier in minor/patch versions.

func GetRuntimeVersions Uses

func GetRuntimeVersions() *RuntimeVersions

GetRuntimeVersions retrieves the recorded runtime versions in a goroutine-safe manner.

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