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package bugsnagmartini

import "github.com/bugsnag/bugsnag-go/martini"

Package bugsnagmartini provides a martini middleware that sends panics to Bugsnag. You should use this middleware in combination with martini.Recover() if you want to send error messages to your clients:

func main() {
	m := martini.New()
	// used to stop panics bubbling and return a 500 error.

	// used to send panics to Bugsnag.

	// ...

This middleware also makes bugsnag available to martini handlers via the context.

func myHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, bugsnag *bugsnag.Notifier) {
	// ...
	// ...


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const FrameworkName string = "Martini"

FrameworkName is the name of the framework this middleware applies to

func AutoNotify Uses

func AutoNotify(rawData ...interface{}) martini.Handler

AutoNotify sends any panics to bugsnag, and then re-raises them. You should use this after another middleware that returns an error page to the client, for example martini.Recover(). The arguments can be any RawData to pass to Bugsnag, most usually you'll pass a bugsnag.Configuration object.

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