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package bugsnagrevel

import "github.com/bugsnag/bugsnag-go/revel"

Package bugsnagrevel adds Bugsnag to revel. It lets you pass *revel.Controller into bugsnag.Notify(), and provides a Filter to catch errors.


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const FrameworkName string = "Revel"

FrameworkName is the name of the framework this middleware applies to

func Filter Uses

func Filter(c *revel.Controller, fc []revel.Filter)

Filter should be added to the filter chain just after the PanicFilter. It sends errors to Bugsnag automatically. Configuration is read out of conf/app.conf, you should set bugsnag.apikey, and can also set bugsnag.endpoints, bugsnag.releasestage, bugsnag.apptype, bugsnag.appversion, bugsnag.projectroot, bugsnag.projectpackages if needed.

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