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package sampler

import ""


Package Files

http_util.go jsonurl.go net_util.go sampler.go target.go

type JsonURL Uses

type JsonURL struct {

The JsonURL type allows us to parse the URL from a JSON document at load time, instead of when it's used (which could be multiple times)

func NewJsonURL Uses

func NewJsonURL(str string) (u *JsonURL, err error)

func (*JsonURL) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (self *JsonURL) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) (err error)

type Sample Uses

type Sample struct {
    StatusCode      int
    TimeStart       time.Time
    TimeToResolveIP time.Time
    TimeToConnect   time.Time
    TimeToFirstByte time.Time
    TimeEnd         time.Time
    ResponseHeaders http.Header
    LocalAddr       net.IP
    RemoteAddr      net.IP

func Ping Uses

func Ping(target Target, timeout int) (sample Sample, err error)

Ping measures a given URL and returns a Sample

type StatusCodeError Uses

type StatusCodeError struct {
    StatusCode int

StatusCodeError is an error representing an HTTP Status code of 400 or greater.

func (StatusCodeError) Error Uses

func (e StatusCodeError) Error() string

type Target Uses

type Target struct {
    URL      JsonURL
    Name     string
    Interval int
    // metadata
    Tags               []string
    Attributes         map[string]string
    Hash               string
    RequestHeaders     map[string]string
    InsecureSkipVerify bool

func (*Target) SetHash Uses

func (t *Target) SetHash()

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