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package mnist

import "github.com/chewxy/gorgonia/examples/mnist"

package mnist handles the mnist data set


Package Files

io.go mnist.go


const (

    // Width of the input tensor / picture
    Width = 28
    // Height of the input tensor / picture
    Height = 28

func Load Uses

func Load(typ, loc string, as tensor.Dtype) (inputs, targets tensor.Tensor, err error)

Load loads the mnist data into two tensors

typ can be "train", "test"

loc represents where the mnist files are held

type Label Uses

type Label uint8

Label is a digit label in 0 to 9

type RawImage Uses

type RawImage []byte

Image holds the pixel intensities of an image. 255 is foreground (black), 0 is background (white).

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