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package provtarget

import "github.com/choria-io/go-choria/provtarget"


Package Files


func Name Uses

func Name() string

Name is the name of the plugin used

func RegisterTargetResolver Uses

func RegisterTargetResolver(r TargetResolver) error

RegisterTargetResolver registers a custom target resolver, else the default will be used

func Targets Uses

func Targets(ctx context.Context, log *logrus.Entry) ([]srvcache.Server, error)

Targets is a list of brokers to connect to

type TargetResolver Uses

type TargetResolver interface {
    // Name the display name that will be shown in places like `choria buildinfo`
    Name() string

    // Targets will be called to determine the provisioning destination
    Targets(context.Context, *logrus.Entry) []string

TargetResolver is capable of resolving the target brokers for provisioning into list of strings in the format host:port



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