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package agents

import ""


Package Files

plugin.go provider.go

func ChoriaPlugin Uses

func ChoriaPlugin() plugin.Pluggable

ChoriaPlugin produces the plugin for choria

type Provider Uses

type Provider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Provider is a Agent Provider capable of executing compiled mcollective compatible agents written in Go

func (Provider) Initialize Uses

func (p Provider) Initialize(fw *choria.Framework, log *logrus.Entry)

Initialize configures the agent provider

func (*Provider) PluginInstance Uses

func (p *Provider) PluginInstance() interface{}

PluginInstance implements plugin.Pluggable

func (*Provider) PluginName Uses

func (p *Provider) PluginName() string

PluginName implements plugin.Pluggable

func (*Provider) PluginType Uses

func (p *Provider) PluginType() plugin.Type

PluginType implements plugin.Pluggable

func (*Provider) PluginVersion Uses

func (p *Provider) PluginVersion() string

PluginVersion implements plugin.Pluggable

func (*Provider) RegisterAgents Uses

func (p *Provider) RegisterAgents(ctx context.Context, mgr server.AgentManager, connector choria.InstanceConnector, log *logrus.Entry) error

RegisterAgents registers known ruby agents using a shimm agent

func (*Provider) Version Uses

func (p *Provider) Version() string

Version reports the version for this provider



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