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package node

import ""

Package node provides functionality related to the local and remote node addresses


Package Files

address.go address_linux.go doc.go ip.go ip_linux.go labels.go logfields.go

func AutoComplete Uses

func AutoComplete() error

AutoComplete completes the parts of addressing that can be auto derived

func GetExcludedIPs Uses

func GetExcludedIPs() []net.IP

GetExcludedIPs returns a list of IPs from netdevices that Cilium needs to exclude to operate

func GetExternalIPv4 Uses

func GetExternalIPv4() net.IP

GetExternalIPv4 returns the external IPv4 node address

func GetHostMasqueradeIPv4 Uses

func GetHostMasqueradeIPv4() net.IP

GetHostMasqueradeIPv4 returns the IPv4 address to be used for masquerading any traffic that is being forwarded from the host into the Cilium cluster.

func GetIPsecKeyIdentity Uses

func GetIPsecKeyIdentity() uint8

GetIPsecKeyIdentity returns the IPsec key identity of the node

func GetIPv4AllocRange Uses

func GetIPv4AllocRange() *cidr.CIDR

GetIPv4AllocRange returns the IPv4 allocation prefix of this node

func GetIPv4Loopback Uses

func GetIPv4Loopback() net.IP

GetIPv4Loopback returns the loopback IPv4 address of this node.

func GetIPv6 Uses

func GetIPv6() net.IP

GetIPv6 returns the IPv6 address of the node

func GetIPv6AllocRange Uses

func GetIPv6AllocRange() *cidr.CIDR

GetIPv6AllocRange returns the IPv6 allocation prefix of this node

func GetIPv6Router Uses

func GetIPv6Router() net.IP

GetIPv6Router returns the IPv6 address of the node

func GetInternalIPv4 Uses

func GetInternalIPv4() net.IP

GetInternalIPv4 returns the internal IPv4 node address

func GetK8sNodeIP Uses

func GetK8sNodeIP() net.IP

GetK8sNodeIPs returns k8s Node IP addr.

func GetLabels Uses

func GetLabels() map[string]string

GetLabels returns the labels of this node.

func GetNodeAddressing Uses

func GetNodeAddressing() *models.NodeAddressing

GetNodeAddressing returns the NodeAddressing model for the local IPs.

func GetNodePortIPv4Addrs Uses

func GetNodePortIPv4Addrs() []net.IP

GetNodePortIPv4 returns the node-port IPv4 address for NAT

func GetNodePortIPv4AddrsWithDevices Uses

func GetNodePortIPv4AddrsWithDevices() map[string]net.IP

GetNodePortIPv4AddrsWithDevices returns the map iface => NodePort IPv4.

func GetNodePortIPv6Addrs Uses

func GetNodePortIPv6Addrs() []net.IP

GetNodePortIPv6 returns the node-port IPv6 address for NAT

func GetNodePortIPv6AddrsWithDevices Uses

func GetNodePortIPv6AddrsWithDevices() map[string]net.IP

GetNodePortIPv4AddrsWithDevices returns the map iface => NodePort IPv6.

func InitDefaultPrefix Uses

func InitDefaultPrefix(device string)

InitDefaultPrefix initializes the node address and allocation prefixes with default values derived from the system. device can be set to the primary network device of the system in which case the first address with global scope will be regarded as the system's node address.

func InitNodePortAddrs Uses

func InitNodePortAddrs(devices []string) error

InitNodePortAddrs initializes NodePort IPv{4,6} addrs from the given devices.

func IsHostIPv4 Uses

func IsHostIPv4(ip net.IP) bool

IsHostIPv4 returns true if the IP specified is a host IP

func IsHostIPv6 Uses

func IsHostIPv6(ip net.IP) bool

IsHostIPv6 returns true if the IP specified is a host IP

func SetExternalIPv4 Uses

func SetExternalIPv4(ip net.IP)

SetExternalIPv4 sets the external IPv4 node address. It must be reachable on the network.

func SetIPsecKeyIdentity Uses

func SetIPsecKeyIdentity(id uint8)

SetIPsecKeyIdentity sets the IPsec key identity an opaque value used to identity encryption keys used on the node.

func SetIPv4AllocRange Uses

func SetIPv4AllocRange(net *cidr.CIDR)

SetIPv4AllocRange sets the IPv4 address pool to use when allocating addresses for local endpoints

func SetIPv4Loopback Uses

func SetIPv4Loopback(ip net.IP)

SetIPv4Loopback sets the loopback IPv4 address of this node.

func SetIPv6 Uses

func SetIPv6(ip net.IP)

SetIPv6 sets the IPv6 address of the node

func SetIPv6NodeRange Uses

func SetIPv6NodeRange(net *net.IPNet)

SetIPv6NodeRange sets the IPv6 address pool to be used on this node

func SetIPv6Router Uses

func SetIPv6Router(ip net.IP)

SetIPv6Router returns the IPv6 address of the node

func SetInternalIPv4 Uses

func SetInternalIPv4(ip net.IP)

SetInternalIPv4 sets the internal IPv4 node address, it is allocated from the node prefix

func SetInternalIPv4From Uses

func SetInternalIPv4From(ifaceName string) error

SetInternalIPv4From sets the internal IPv4 with the first global address found in that interface.

func SetK8sNodeIP Uses

func SetK8sNodeIP(ip net.IP)

SetK8sNodeIP sets k8s Node IP addr.

func SetLabels Uses

func SetLabels(l map[string]string)

SetLabels sets the labels of this node.

func Uninitialize Uses

func Uninitialize()

Uninitialize resets this package to the default state, for use in testsuite code.

func ValidatePostInit Uses

func ValidatePostInit() error

ValidatePostInit validates the entire addressing setup and completes it as required



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