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package auth

import ""

Package auth implements an interface for providing CFSSL authentication. This is meant to authenticate a client CFSSL to a remote CFSSL in order to prevent unauthorised use of the signature capabilities. This package provides both the interface and a standard HMAC-based implementation.


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type AuthenticatedRequest Uses

type AuthenticatedRequest struct {
    // An Authenticator decides whether to use this field.
    Timestamp     int64  `json:"timestamp,omitempty"`
    RemoteAddress []byte `json:"remote_address,omitempty"`
    Token         []byte `json:"token"`
    Request       []byte `json:"request"`

An AuthenticatedRequest contains a request and authentication token. The Provider may determine whether to validate the timestamp and remote address.

type Provider Uses

type Provider interface {
    Token(req []byte) (token []byte, err error)
    Verify(aReq *AuthenticatedRequest) bool

A Provider can generate tokens from a request and verify a request. The handling of additional authentication data (such as the IP address) is handled by the concrete type, as is any serialisation and state-keeping.

type Standard Uses

type Standard struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Standard implements an HMAC-SHA-256 authentication provider. It may be supplied additional data at creation time that will be used as request || additional-data with the HMAC.

func New Uses

func New(key string, ad []byte) (*Standard, error)

New generates a new standard authentication provider from the key and additional data. The additional data will be used when generating a new token.

func (Standard) Token Uses

func (p Standard) Token(req []byte) (token []byte, err error)

Token generates a new authentication token from the request.

func (Standard) Verify Uses

func (p Standard) Verify(ad *AuthenticatedRequest) bool

Verify determines whether an authenticated request is valid.

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