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package serve

import ""

Package serve implements the serve command for CFSSL's API.


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var Command = &cli.Command{UsageText: serverUsageText, Flags: serverFlags, Main: serverMain}

Command assembles the definition of Command 'serve'

var V1APIPrefix = "/api/v1/cfssl/"

V1APIPrefix is the prefix of all CFSSL V1 API Endpoints.

func SetEndpoint Uses

func SetEndpoint(path string, getHandler func() (http.Handler, error))

SetEndpoint can be used to add additional routes/endpoints to the HTTP server, or to override an existing route/endpoint

func SetWrapHandler Uses

func SetWrapHandler(wh func(path string, handler http.Handler, err error) (string, http.Handler, error))

SetWrapHandler sets the wrap handler which is called for all endpoints A custom wrap handler may be provided in order to add arbitrary server-side pre or post processing of server-side HTTP handling of requests.

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