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package config

import ""

Package config contains the multi-root configuration file parser.


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var (
    // ErrMissingPrivateKey indicates that the configuration is
    // missing a private key specifier.
    ErrMissingPrivateKey = errors.New("config: root is missing private key spec")

    // ErrMissingCertificatePath indicates that the configuration
    // is missing a certificate specifier.
    ErrMissingCertificatePath = errors.New("config: root is missing certificate path")

    // ErrMissingConfigPath indicates that the configuration lacks
    // a valid CFSSL configuration.
    ErrMissingConfigPath = errors.New("config: root is missing configuration file path")

    // ErrInvalidConfig indicates the configuration is invalid.
    ErrInvalidConfig = errors.New("config: invalid configuration")

    // ErrUnsupportedScheme indicates a private key scheme that is not currently supported.
    ErrUnsupportedScheme = errors.New("config: unsupported private key scheme")

type RawMap Uses

type RawMap map[string]map[string]string

RawMap is shorthand for the type used as a map from string to raw Root struct.

func ParseToRawMap Uses

func ParseToRawMap(fileName string) (cfg RawMap, err error)

ParseToRawMap takes the filename as a string and returns a RawMap.

func (*RawMap) SectionInConfig Uses

func (c *RawMap) SectionInConfig(section string) bool

SectionInConfig determines whether a section is in the configuration.

type Root Uses

type Root struct {
    PrivateKey  crypto.Signer
    Certificate *x509.Certificate
    Config      *config.Signing
    ACL         whitelist.NetACL
    DB          *sqlx.DB

A Root represents a single certificate authority root key pair.

func LoadRoot Uses

func LoadRoot(cfg map[string]string) (*Root, error)

LoadRoot parses a config structure into a Root structure

type RootList Uses

type RootList map[string]*Root

A RootList associates a set of labels with the appropriate private keys and their certificates.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(filename string) (RootList, error)

Parse loads a RootList from a file.

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