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package remote

import ""


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type Signer Uses

type Signer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Signer represents a CFSSL instance running as signing server. fulfills the signer.Signer interface

func NewSigner Uses

func NewSigner(policy *config.Signing) (*Signer, error)

NewSigner creates a new remote Signer directly from a signing policy.

func (*Signer) GetDBAccessor Uses

func (s *Signer) GetDBAccessor() certdb.Accessor

GetDBAccessor returns the signers' cert db accessor, currently noop.

func (*Signer) Info Uses

func (s *Signer) Info(req info.Req) (resp *info.Resp, err error)

Info sends an info request to the remote CFSSL server, receiving an Resp struct or an error in response.

func (*Signer) Policy Uses

func (s *Signer) Policy() *config.Signing

Policy returns the signer's policy.

func (*Signer) SetDBAccessor Uses

func (s *Signer) SetDBAccessor(dba certdb.Accessor)

SetDBAccessor sets the signers' cert db accessor, currently noop.

func (*Signer) SetPolicy Uses

func (s *Signer) SetPolicy(policy *config.Signing)

SetPolicy sets the signer's signature policy.

func (*Signer) SetReqModifier Uses

func (s *Signer) SetReqModifier(mod func(*http.Request, []byte))

SetReqModifier sets the function to call to modify the HTTP request prior to sending it

func (*Signer) SigAlgo Uses

func (s *Signer) SigAlgo() x509.SignatureAlgorithm

SigAlgo returns the RSA signer's signature algorithm.

func (*Signer) Sign Uses

func (s *Signer) Sign(req signer.SignRequest) (cert []byte, err error)

Sign sends a signature request to the remote CFSSL server, receiving a signed certificate or an error in response. The hostname, csr, and profileName are used as with a local signing operation, and the label is used to select a signing root in a multi-root CA.

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