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package universal

import ""

Package universal implements a signer that can do remote or local


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func NewSigner Uses

func NewSigner(root Root, policy *config.Signing) (signer.Signer, error)

NewSigner generates a new certificate signer from a Root structure. This is one of two standard signers: local or remote. If the root structure specifies a force remote, then a remote signer is created, otherwise either a remote or local signer is generated based on the policy. For a local signer, the CertFile and KeyFile need to be defined in Root.

func PrependLocalSignerToList Uses

func PrependLocalSignerToList(signer localSignerCheck)

PrependLocalSignerToList prepends signer to the local signer's list

type Root Uses

type Root struct {
    Config      map[string]string
    ForceRemote bool

Root is used to define where the universal signer gets its public certificate and private keys for signing.

type Signer Uses

type Signer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Signer represents a universal signer which is both local and remote to fulfill the signer.Signer interface.

func (*Signer) GetDBAccessor Uses

func (s *Signer) GetDBAccessor() certdb.Accessor

GetDBAccessor returns the signer's cert db accessor.

func (*Signer) Info Uses

func (s *Signer) Info(req info.Req) (resp *info.Resp, err error)

Info sends an info request to the remote or local CFSSL server receiving an Resp struct or an error in response.

func (*Signer) Policy Uses

func (s *Signer) Policy() *config.Signing

Policy returns the signer's policy.

func (*Signer) SetDBAccessor Uses

func (s *Signer) SetDBAccessor(dba certdb.Accessor)

SetDBAccessor sets the signer's cert db accessor.

func (*Signer) SetPolicy Uses

func (s *Signer) SetPolicy(policy *config.Signing)

SetPolicy sets the signer's signature policy.

func (*Signer) SetReqModifier Uses

func (s *Signer) SetReqModifier(mod func(*http.Request, []byte))

SetReqModifier sets the function to call to modify the HTTP request prior to sending it

func (*Signer) SigAlgo Uses

func (s *Signer) SigAlgo() x509.SignatureAlgorithm

SigAlgo returns the RSA signer's signature algorithm.

func (*Signer) Sign Uses

func (s *Signer) Sign(req signer.SignRequest) (cert []byte, err error)

Sign sends a signature request to either the remote or local signer, receiving a signed certificate or an error in response.

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