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package eventRouting

import ""


Package Files

event_filter.go eventrouting.go eventrouting_default.go

func GetListAuthorizedEventEvents Uses

func GetListAuthorizedEventEvents() (authorizedEvents string)

func HasIgnoreField Uses

func HasIgnoreField(event *fevents.Event) bool

HasIgnoreField Filter out the event has ignored app filed

func IsAuthorizedEvent Uses

func IsAuthorizedEvent(wantedEvent string) bool

type EventFilter Uses

type EventFilter func(*fevents.Event) bool

EventFilter Given an Event Filter out unwanted event

func NotInCertainOrgs Uses

func NotInCertainOrgs(orgFilters string) EventFilter

NotInCertainOrgs Filter out events not in certain orgs

type EventRouting Uses

type EventRouting interface {
    GetSelectedEvents() map[string]bool
    RouteEvent(msg *events.Envelope)
    SetupEventRouting(wantedEvents string) error
    SetExtraFields(extraEventsString string)

func NewEventRouting Uses

func NewEventRouting(caching caching.Caching, logging logging.Logging, stats *stats.Stats, filters []EventFilter) EventRouting

type EventRoutingDefault Uses

type EventRoutingDefault struct {
    CachingClient caching.Caching

    Stats *stats.Stats

    ExtraFields map[string]string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*EventRoutingDefault) GetSelectedEvents Uses

func (e *EventRoutingDefault) GetSelectedEvents() map[string]bool

func (*EventRoutingDefault) RouteEvent Uses

func (e *EventRoutingDefault) RouteEvent(msg *events.Envelope)

func (*EventRoutingDefault) SetExtraFields Uses

func (e *EventRoutingDefault) SetExtraFields(extraEventsString string)

func (*EventRoutingDefault) SetupEventRouting Uses

func (e *EventRoutingDefault) SetupEventRouting(wantedEvents string) error

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